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Hi, my name is Jamie. I live in St. Louis, MO with my husband and four kids, ages 11-18. I was a stay-at-home mom while the kids were younger, but now I’m doing what I went to school for. I studied diet and nutrition, and considered becoming a doctor in that area, but God had a different plan. A few months before I finished my undergraduate degree, my husband and I got pregnant. Our son (the 18-year-old) is the happiest accident of our lives. We wouldn’t change a thing. But when my kids got a little older, I realized I had way too much free time.

After the birth of each child, I worked extremely hard to get the weight back off, focusing on my diet and exercise. My friends always complimented me on how “easily” I lost the weight from the babies. They didn’t really believe me that the weight didn’t just melt off after the baby was gone. And then my first friend got pregnant. About six months after she had her daughter, she called me late one evening, crying and a little hysterical.

“I can’t lose the weight! I’m going to be fat forever!” she’d cried.

That was the first moment I realized I could do something with my degree. I promised to help her lose the weight, and she laughed and made some comment about how I hadn’t even had to work to lose the weight. I assured her I could help, and so she told me if I could help her, she’d pay me as her own personal trainer, with a 100% money-back guarantee. I laughed at that, but agreed.

Within two months, she had lost the baby weight, and then some.

That was how I became a personal trainer. I rely completely on my friends’ recommendations, and those of family members as well, but I’m really very good at it. I’m usually a nice person–at least I think so–but apparently I’m an intimidating trainer, which is good. They listen to me.

That’s enough about my personal story. You’re probably wondering why I started this site. I just wanted to give local businesses the props they deserve. It’s not enough to leave them nice Yelp reviews, though I do that too. I really believe that if a company goes above and beyond, they should get that much back in return.

I will only ever write about companies that I have personally booked business with, and usually it will be a company I have worked with recently. I know things can change quickly in the business world, and I want my articles to be pertinent for the company that exists today. Thanks for reading, and I hope I can be of service to you! If you’d like to hire me as a personal trainer, by the way, simply leave me a message in the comments!

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